PNWC 2015

Saturday Night Event

Saturday, November 07, 2015 from 8.30 pm onwards, you're all invited to a formal evening.

We organize this evening on Sunday to gather everybody before PNWC finals.

Restaurant “Charisma”
Piazza Libertà, 43
Maranello (MO)
Tel. + 39 0536 944704

Event Details

- Dinner
- Tombola
- Meeting with the Commissioner of Sports in Maranello

The evening will cost EUR 20 and must be confirmed during the registration to the race and it will be paid on the track on Friday morning.


- Starter: mix of salami
- Italian Pizza
- Soft Drink, beer or water
- Dessert
- Coffee

You will enjoy a thrilling night in the City of Engines!