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The 5th Race of the 2013 1/10 Touring Championship – July 7, 2013 Vedano al Lambro

The winner of the fifth round of Vedano al Lambro 1/10 Touring championship in the EP 13.5 No Timing category is Gianluca Radaelli (T4 Xray-nVision-RSD), the driver of Minizracing Team.
The driver Stefano Bizzocco (VBC) from Turin moved up to second place, on the third place is Carlo Parravicini (T4 Xray-nVision-RSD) the driver of Minizracing Team.
Very interesting is the result of Davide Gianuzzi in his first Touring Race using CSO One car and upgrade RSD and battery nVision, he finished on the fourth place.

The winner in F1 category is Marcello La Gala (Tamiya F104), on the second place is Coghi (Tamiya F104) and
on the third place is Uccheddu, his debut with the Italian RC, who won the fastest lap of the race and one of the four final set.

The driver La Gala won in the Mini category, on the second position was placed the driver Incalza and on the third position is Petrillo.

The full results

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