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Last week-end on 26,27,28 March, 2015 to Wels in Austria it was held the firstPNEC 2015 (PN Racing European Championship) for
It was organised by Stadler Philipp, Huemer Walter drivers of the club KRC-Dietach ( and PN Racing (
The sponsors of the event were the clubs MRCW4 and RCLAA, Kyosho,, Marka Racing, RC Orange, Jomurema, TRP,, SRCC-Devils.

About 70 drivers from all the Europe and United States, raced to win the European title of the five various categories, 2wd Stock, Le Mans Pro Stock, F1 Pro Stock, Pan Car Modified and GT Modified.

The competition lasted two days, during the first day there were four rounds of qualification for every category and during the second day there were the three finals for every category.

Here is the link of the results

Stock 2wd TQ and clean sweep for Nico Haider (Marka Racing) who won the title getting the first two finals from three one, the second place
went to David Duret (RC Orange) and the third place to Walter Huemer (KRC-Dietach).

Le Mans Pro Stock this race was fought until the last lap and for only 3 seconds was won by the German driver Nicolai BÄHR came before the Italian driver Riccardo Giannini (Marka Racing), the third place went to Karsten Dose.

F1 Pro Stock was won by the German driver Michael Skrotzki, the second place Martin Jankowsky and the third place Michael Pauls.

Pan Car Modified was a tighten race between three various drivers who contendend the victory, the first place of the last finals went to Carlos Guerreiro (PN Racing/RC Orange),
the second place to Grant Matsushima (PN Racing) and the third place to Alessio Pernite (Marka Racing).

GT Modified Carlos Guerreiro (PN Racing), being already World Champion, French and Belgium Champion, won the title of the European Champion as well,
the second place went to Grant Matsushima (PN Racing), and the third place went to the Austrian driver Nico Haider (Marka Racing), the fourth place won by MR Philip NG (Pn Racing).

It was three days of pure racing, full of great spirit of friendship, aggregation and absolute fun.

Team Marka Racing Italia

I assure you the atmosphere witch is during Mini-Z events is unique!

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CSO V2 Setup – Marco Puleo – Scandiano Track – Italy – Carpet

Team Minizracing!

On November 24, 2013 to Bonneville in France was held the 3rd round of Mini-Z Savoie Interregional Championship ( organised by Bonneville Model Club (

Riccardo Giannini (Kosriky), the italian driver of partecipated to this race being registered in the expert category (Rules free). He finished the day in Finals A as winner of this category
(with two best laps of 40 rounds).

Riccardo in tandem with the French driver Fabrice Andrieux won as well the 3 hours endurance held on Saterday night (November 23, 2013) until 1:30 a.m.!!!

Team Minizracing!

On November, 17 2013 it was held the Graouilly Cup in Metz, France, race valid as the 2nd round of the Alsatian Championship of Mini-Z organized by Model Club of Metz

Riccardo Giannini (Kosriky), an Italian driver of Minizracing big family, participated to the above mentioned race.

He was registered to Stock (50T motor) and Open (free motor/VE) category and he finished the race as winner of Stock category (with the last round of 42 races vs 41 races of his opponent) and in A Open Finals he got the 5th position.

The track

The results

The podium

Article: Riccardo - Team Minizracing

Team Minizracing!

The Team Minizracing participate in the PNWC PN Racing World Cup to be held November 8-10 to Paris.

For information and registration

Team Minizracing!




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Team Minizracing!

The September 13, 2013 at the circuit of clubs RCZ-Matarò will be held the second race of social Moto GP 2013 with the Mini-Z Motoracer .

Club RCZ-Matarò
Saint Antoni 82
08301 Matarò

Source: Club RCZ-Matarò

Team Minizracing!

The three Video finals of European Championship EFRA 1/10 Electric Touring racing in Portugal!

Video by RC Racing TV

Team Minizracing!

Thanks to RC Racing TV you can see the live video of EFRA European Championship 1/10 Electric Touring Car which is held in Torres Novas Portugal.
A good luck to Italian drivers!

Online TV


Open Ceremony

The results.

The Driver number one is Dario Balestri (Capricorn car) our Minizracing friend!
Good Luck Dario!

Direct video made by RC Racing TV!

Source: RC Racing TV
Team Minizracing!