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The Kyosho announces the release of a new Mini-Z MR-03.
It’s a MR-03 Brusheless PRO version with new electronics.
We wait!

Team Minizracing!

Finally arriving in Italy the new AMZ 2WD produced by RC Atomic, the car RTR will be available from mid-February.

- Height: 31mm
- Width: 66mm
- Length: 128mm
- RTR Weight: 118 gram (Body not included)
- Wheelbase: 98mm (default)

- 2 wheel drive with RMR layout
- Front and rear double swing arm with free rear camber angle camber tune.
- Pre-set for front caster angle tune.
- Accept rear toe angle tune.
- Sealed gear differential.
- Full ball bearing drive train
- 2.4Ghz FHSS controller with precision handing brushless speed control by HW (HobbyWing)

Code: AMZ001-2WD
Source: Atomic RC
Official dealer: Minizracing

In January will be ready the new AMR produced by RC Atomic.
The car is a model touring 2WD in scale 1:27.

New Car Kit 1:27 made by Atomic RC, sold by Minizracing.
The RTR Kit AMZ001-4WD is built on a carbon fiber main chassis with an upperdeck made from the same material.
The double wishbone suspension allows for droop, toe and camber adjustment and the shocks come grease-filled to achieve the maximum traction.
Included in the kit the designed platform of 7.4V Li-Po battery packs,
a 2.4GHz FHSS radio system and a micro brushless speed controller made by Hobbywing.

- Chassis compatible with Mini-Z A.S.C series
- 20% weight decrease compare MA-015 (in Ready to Run mode)
- Professional micro brushless speed control cooperation with world leading brand HobbyWing. (Support programming adjustment)
- VMX 5000kv BB brushless motor
- Front and rear double swing arm, for F/R droop, toe-in/out, camber…etc
- Front and rear ball diff. and universal drive included
- I.A.S. grease shock for easy to setup ride height and weight balance. Excellent (7) shock absorption
- Machine cut carbon fiber chassis and flex. upper deck
- 64 pitch gears, aplenty range gear ratios
- Li-po 2S 7.4V platform
- 2.4Ghz FHSS proportional 3Ch radio transmitter include
- Ready for Lexan body. (Optional item, not include in kit)

Code: AMZ001-4WD

Source: Atomic RC

Team Minizracing!

Team CSO Racing introduces the Supre-V conversion kit for CSO One and Xray T4.

will be produced in the following colors:
- Orange
- CSO Gold
- CSO Purple
- CSO Blue

1) A newly designed wide twisting motor unit , the motor unit narrow than in the past only to better meet the screws loose of the upper deck Flex chassis features, easy to adapt to more track
2) Spindle and seat made in the groove , closing rotation of the screw will not slip
Floating fan tray , does not affect the bottom of the distortions
3) Quick change spure gear
4) Large range of gear ratio change from 2.5T to 27.0T motors can cope
5) Low profile steering arm system and upper deck support rod. Can effectively control the front of hardness and twist
6) Multiple sets of holes in the central plate ,can adjustable twist of the car.
7) More holes of the Central lower deck give different brand of servo .

Motor mount holes simultaneously coupled with the new suspension cooling fan frame, this will not affect the bottom twist . Mean while there are two sets of front and rear motor mount holes , according to the time before and after the position to move the motor cooling fan and motor distance. Fan tray can be used for both 35 * 35mm and 40 * 40mm fan , the future will have 45 * 45mm and 50 * 50mm fan holder can buy. Metal seat and the axis that side bump bit special to do , so that the left and right rotation retractable screws will not put it repair. Aluminum belt tooth surfaces also do wear strengthening treatment.

Source: Team CSO
Italian Distributor: Minizracing

Team Minizracing!

The famous company RC Atomic, have released a first rendering of their Mini-Z AMZ 4WD car kit. The car builds on a carbon main chassis and upper deck. The double wishbone suspension allows for droop, toe, camber and the shocks come grease. Included with the kit a 2.4GHz FHSS radio system and a micro ESC brushless by Hobbywing.

– Chassis compatible with Mini-Z A.S.C series
– 20% lighter than a MA-015 chassis
– Front and rear ball differentials
– Universal driveshafts
– I.A.S. grease shocks
– Machine-cut carbon chassis and upper deck
– 64 pitch gears
– 2S LiPo compatible
– 2.4GHZ FHSS 3-channel transmitter included
– Ready for Lexan body shells not included

Source: Atomic

Team Minizracing!

Incoming the MiniZ M3-03VE edizione 50th.

Technical Data

Length: 124-133mm (4.8 5.2in)
Width: 65-76mm (2.5 2.9in)
Height: (1.3in)
Chassis Type: MR-03W-RM
Wheelbase: 86-106mm (3.3 4.1in)
Weight: 135g
Motor: BLS 130S

Available in Shop Minizracing!

Here you can find the manual!

Source: Kyosho

Team Minizracing!

Arriving in Italy on Minizracing shop , the new 1/10 EP Touring Electric Car Kit CSO One produced by the CSO Racing , a company Leeder in upgrade to the most popular machines on the market.

Main technical specification:
- Balanced chassis design
- Internal gear ratio 1:1:9
- Full metal oil shocks for best performance
- Improved material and stronger plastic parts (with carbon)
- Lightweight and anodized alloy trunbuckles and ball sluds
- Lightweight and smooth rear gear differential is included
- Dual bellcrank steering for precise cornering performance
- Enchanced acceleration from the use of lightest transmission components
- Ultra narrow chassis design with high quality Carbon graphite 2.25mm main chassis
- High stength and high precision anodized alloy parts for added durability and style

Code: CSO-18000

Team Minizracing!

We proud to announce ATOMIC V. series BL motor would start shipping at 14 June. The small can build in the new technology point at Kyosho VE the punchy and drag brake performances.

The CNC machined end-bell compatible with R246 motor mount (2WD) and Motor Heat sink plate (MA-015). 8 screw holes pre-set for expert require, dual HQ bearing build-in.

For more information, please contact

Thank you for all Mini-Z Fan’s.

Code: MO-035 Mini-Z VSX Brushless Motor 9000kv (Mini-Z VE)
Code: MO-036 Mini-Z VMX Brushless Motor 12000kv (Mini-Z VE)

Source: RC Atomic

Team Minizracing!