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X-Power Aluminum 7075-T6 Front Knuckle (0°) W/ PIN (Version 2)

New knuckle with unique “knuckle lock function” which can reduce majority of play of front suspension so as to improve car handling.

Two small screws were planted into each knuckle to ‘lock’ its position on the king pin (i.e. knuckle lock function). The benefit of which is moving parts of front suspension is reduced from stock set up’s three (knuckle, pin & ball) to currently two (pin & ball only).

The play is reduced further in using 3mm inner diameter bearing (vs stock ones 2mm bearing).

Both of them together are able to substantially reduce play and provide better driving experience.

Note: A hexagon wrench is included.

Code: XP-M03-FSK-V2

Distributor: Minizracing

Team Minizracing!

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