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WebApp Setup Data Sheet for Team CSO

Hello guys!
After a long period of work, i’m here to announce that finally WebApp Online Setup Data Sheet for Team CSO!
Is working and online!!!

This webApp was designed to be used with smartphones, helping in compilation and sharing of our setup!!!!

Available features are:
- Add new, edit or delete own setup
- Complete setup data sheet model
- can choose sharing level between Private or public. Public setups will be available to all other logged users.
- can complete your setup at any time, all progress are saved!
- View your complete setup in PDF format (so you can share it on social network, send it via mail, or save it)
- change account settings
- view setup archive for shared setup of other users or search for a specific user setup
- View any other user shared setup online or view it in pdf format
- evaluation system for own or other users setup
- Immediate Ratio Calculator for CSO
- Quick help with tables to get rid of setup problems immediately
- news system to get in touch with latest news on team CSO world

…and much more to come!
Hope you all enjoy it and hope it could be useful!

Link for access:

Facebook Page:
Facebook Team CSO Setup Sheet!


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