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The front plate from Marka Racing brand is made in Aluminum 7075-T6 for Formula.
This upgrade allows to use/change different front wings without changing the distances of the holes on the body front part.
On the plate it is mounted a plastic column (supplied in the car kit) and it is fixed on the wing.
With this upgrade you are no longer forced, when you replace the wing, to change the location of the holes on the front of the body.
The plate is worked on CNC machine and anodized later in black color.
The package includes a plate in aluminum (Ergal 7075-T6).
There are two versions, one for the formula (MRK-6052) MD Racing and another for (MRK-6051) Xray X1, Yokomo and other.
This products are Made in Italy!



Producer: Marka Racing

This is the replacement tube Marka Racing for damper of MD Formula Racing car.

It is produced in Aluminium (Ergal 7075-T6) and using this upgrade you will have greater smoothness, precision in movement and upper strength.
The item include one tube and a steel hex screw SB.
Made in Italy.

Code: MRK-6045

Producer: Marka Racing

New RK800 batteries produced by Marka Racing.

This battery have a good punch and are designed for maximum performance in the race.
This battery provide constant voltage output over time, with no drop-off after the first few minutes, ensuring consistent and lasting performance.

Ideal for powerful motors, endurance and stock race where consistency is key.
Recommend charge at 1.0 Amp for the best performance between power and run time.

Code: MRK-NIMH800

Capacity: 800mah
Size: AAA

Productor: Marka Racing
Distributor: Minizracing

Team Marka Racing!

CSO V3 Marka – Raffaele Onesti – Track Scrivia – Italy – 1° Trophy Marka Racing – Asphalt – 4 October 2015

Team Marka Racing!

CSO V3 Marka – Davide Gianuzzi – Track Scrivia – Italy – 1° Trophy Marka Racing – Asphalt – 4 October 2015

Team Marka Racing!

The latest establishment from Volante’s tyre development brings you the premium Volante V5 tyre.
Developed by World Champions, the Version 5 combines maximum speed with maximum longevity.

Tested on a variety of tracks around the world, the V5 provides superior traction to any other tyre, whilst limiting the ‘drop off’ experienced by many other tires on the market.
The tyre and wheel combination is perfectly true, meaning no vibration when driving. Minimum excess moulding material makes it unnecessary to ‘sand’ or ‘cut’ the line from now, making it less time consuming and risky preparing new tires.
Volante V5’s will be able to provide you with premium traction and longevity in any condition.

Source: Volante
Italian Distributor: Minizracing & Marka Racing

Aluminium Uprights just manufactured with 7075 T6 grade aluminium and finished with a MD RAcing gold colour annodized.

Black or Gold color, both finished with a perfect anodized and lasered with MD Racing logo.

In the images you will see the Spare Parts numbers in order to purchase them, you will be able to get it in a whole center shock pack or in other case get spare parts of plastic, silicones and center springs!

CSO V3 Marka – Davide Gianuzzi – Track Melzo – Italy – 4° Trophy ME.GA Melzo – Asphalt – 26 July 2015

Team Marka Racing!